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  • It's about more than play.

    It's about community.

    Remember playing street cricket all summer long? Being the best in the street at hula hoop or hopscotch?

    Our children deserve those memories too. Those memories, those friendships, and that chance to be active.

    What's a Play Street?

    Play Streets make play spaces by temporarily closing streets to through traffic so kids and parents can play outside.


    They make everyday play and exercise fun and easy, and lead to friendlier neighbourhoods.


    Whether it runs once, often over school holidays, or every Wednesday after school, a Play Street can work for your neighbourhood.

    How's it work?

    Your street can be a Play Street, too.


    Our free step-by-step guide and templates are now available for download. These resources will help make hosting a Play Streets event easy and fun so you and your kids can spend less time planning and more time playing.


    If you get to the end of the kit and feel you need a bit more help, get in touch with us: playstreets@codesignstudio.com.au.

    Who's involved?

    You and your neighbours are the most important part of any Play Street!


    You can even involve your parents group, local school, playgroup or Scouts and Guides groups for extra hands on deck.


    Behind the scenes, Play Streets Australia is an initiative of CoDesign Studio, with funding support from VicHealth through its inaugural Physical Activity Innovation Challenge. Heartfelt thanks also to the City of Melbourne for hosting and supporting the pilot Play Streets.


  • The Play Streets Toolkit

    The Play Streets Toolkit has been prepared by CoDesign Studio with the support of VicHealth and the Victorian communities of Glenroy, Kensington and Carlton, as well as their councils, who kindly hosted a series of pilot Play Streets.

    Your step-by-step toolkit

    We welcome your feedback on how this toolkit can be improved.

  • Resources

    We have a number of templates to help you host your own Play Streets.

    Be sure to check with your local authority first and feel free to use or adapt these resources to create a Play Streets event that will best meet your neighbourhood's needs.

  • Play Streets are fun, friendly and safe

  • The Play Streets community

    Play Streets Australia is a community effort, put together by people who care about neighbourhoods, children's health and social inclusion. The first trial Play Street in Kensington, VIC was is the result of many helping hands.

    A big thank you to everyone for being involved!


    CoDesign Studio

    CoDesign Studio is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit placemaking consultancy that inspires people to shape their neighbourhoods and create great places that bring neighbours together. CoDesign Studio founded Play Streets Australia in 2014.


    VicHealth is dedicated to getting more Victorians engaged in physical activity. Play Streets is a product of the VicHealth Physical Activity Innovation Challenge, which encourages flexible, social and less structured ways to get active.

  • Our Partners

    With thanks and gratitude to our program partners for supporting the first Play Streets trials.


    City of Melbourne

    The City of Melbourne was proud to host the first Play Streets trial in Kensington.

  • Need a hand?

    We know that it’s not always easy to get a new idea off the ground or do it right the first time around.

    CoDesign Studio is here to help. We offer a range of services for communities and councils to help make your Play Streets a success.


    Parents and neighbours: Download our free toolkit to get you started. If you need more help from us, get in touch. There’s often funding available, such as through community grants, to help us work together and with your council to get Play Streets up and running.


    Councils, schools and other organisations: We have several options to help you tailor Play Streets for your community. Get in contact for more details.

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